Wood Flooring and Types

Are you thinking of building or renovating your home? Are you considering putting in wood flooring? Find out more about wood floors and the different types that you can choose from.

Wood flooring refers to any product that is manufactured from timber that is designed to be used as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. It is a common choice of flooring because it is clean, and comes with a wide range of dimensions and styles.

Choosing a Wood Floor Type

Before you install a wood floor, it is best if you first get to know your options. Learn more about the different types of wood flooring to help you decide which type you’ll get. Here are the types of wood flooring:

  1. Laminate
    This type of wood flooring is made by compressing together several layers of fibreboard and covering it with a photographic image of wood grain, stone or tile patterns. After the image is placed on top of the fibreboard, a protective coating is added to prevent damage to it and to add a finish to the wood flooring.It is the most cost effective option for wood flooring that is able to withstand a certain amount of wear. However, even the top quality laminate cannot match the look and feel and real wood floorings. Laminate is also more prone to damage especially caused by moisture. The areas where the planks are joined also tend to wear considerably.
  2. Solid Hardwood
    Solid hardwood floors are planks made from 18mm to 20mm thick pieces of wood. They are made with grooves and tongues that fit together upon installation. The hardness of the wood will depend on the species of wood used. Generally, the harder the wood used is, the less prone it will be to dings and scratches and other damages. It can also be sanded and refinished several times in order to restore its beauty.This wood flooring type is known for adding visual appeal to a place. It will, however, swell in moist conditions and contract when the area dries. Because of this, the flooring constantly changes in shape and this can alter the overall appearance of the floor. It is also the most expensive wood flooring option.
  3. Engineered Hardwood
    This type is made by gluing together about three to four layers of wood to produce a 14mm thick plank. A real wood surface of about 4mm thick is then added to allow the flooring to be sanded and refinished a number of times to restore it to beauty.It is basically more stable which makes it less prone to damage caused by changes from temperature and room humidity conditions. It is more attractive than the laminate floor and is less expensive than solid hardwood floors.
  4. Bamboo
    Although bamboo is technically made from grass and not wood, it is one of the most popular wood flooring types chosen for flooring. Because it is naturally a tropical grass, it is resistant to moisture. It is produced by pressing fibers together under very high pressure.It is a popular choice for people who choose to build “green” because it is environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it is expensive and brittle, making it susceptible to dings and scratches for a great cost.
  5. Cork
    It is sustainable and renewable, making it environmentally friendly and a “green” option. This type of wood flooring allows for softness to absorb shock. It is also resistant to insects and hypo allergenic. However, all of these great features come with a steep price. It is also easily damaged by shoes and furniture but can be protected like the other types of wood floors.