Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring and How to Take Care of Them

Find out why hardwood flooring is preferred by many homeowners, as well as how you should take care of them.

Solid wood flooring is preferred by homeowners because of the long life span. It is inexpensive but still looks very elegant. The wood can last for years and does not get unsightly stains compared to expensive carpets. Besides, using solid wood floors is an easy way of adding value to your home. The different varieties consist of strips, planks and parquet. Wood strips have dimensions of 1.5 to 2.75 inches. On the other hand, planks are broader while parquet is made up of a geometric design of individual squares.

Advantages of Solid Hardwood

This kind of flooring is rather easy to maintain. There are no expensive maintenance costs. You can clean the floor by simply sweeping or vacuuming and moping if necessary. Odor and molds that are normally found in rugs and carpets do not affect solid wood floors.

There is always the option of sanding or replacing the color as often as you like. It can be done without much difficulty. There is no place for allergens such as hair, animal fur, dormant bacteria and pollen in wooden boards. Wood can easily adapt to any design, paint color and decorative styles. You cannot expect this from carpets since the color of carpets will not always match a new paint shade. On the contrary, wood has a traditional and ageless appeal. It can merge with any set of furniture, wall painting and overall atmosphere.

Taking Care of Hardwood Floors

You need to clean hard wood floors on a daily basis so that dirt will not get stuck between the wooden planks of the surface itself. It you neglect to clean the wood regularly, the muck can cause the corrosion of the natural granules and texture. The floor needs frequent sweeping and vacuuming.

It is equally important to keep the flooring dry at all times. Water can cause irreparable damage to the wood particularly when it lingers on the surface for a long duration. At the same time, wipe off spills right away. This will ensure that the floor looks new. Fix leaking roofs immediately so there will be no water leaks that can damage your wood flooring. As much as possible, apply hard wood floor cleaning substance on oak floors at least once every week. This will remove smear and grime. It will also help bring back the wood’s natural luster. Make sure to dry the floor completely after cleaning with a moist mop.

Apply wax once every year or as the situation calls for it. The wax wears out and leaves the floor looking faded. Use only a dry and clean cloth in applying a small amount of floor wax. Follow the same course as the wood grain, and wipe away extra wax once you finish. Refinish the floors when needed. Hard wood floors are usually stained or covered with polyurethane sealer. Nonetheless, these stains and wraps can corrode. You can protect the floor surfaces and make them look appealing if you apply these once every few years.