Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring and How to Take Care of Them

Many homeowners choose laminate wood flooring for their homes. Learn about the benefits of this type of wood flooring as well as how to care for and maintain them.

The choice of flooring for your home can be a difficult process. You have to choose carefully materials that will match the overall look of the house. Laminate wood flooring is popular among many homeowners. First of all, it is long-lasting and can be treated to make the wood resistant to water and stains. This type of floor covering also exudes an elegant look especially when it has been polished well.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate wood bears the natural appearance of authentic wood floors. It looks like genuine wood but it is really a sheet of paper protected by resilient protective film bonded and compressed on a high-density board. It looks stylish and can easily be installed by professional contractors. The coat protects designs from fading quickly. This can be mounted on top of tiles, vinyl and wood because it does not stick directly to the secondary floorboards. It is a cost-effective option in comparison with substitute flooring materials. Solid wood floors will need up to five finishes while vinyl should be replaced twice. Laminates do not require this process. Finally, it does not collect a lot of dirt and substances that cause allergies compared to rugs or carpets.

Care for Laminate Wood Floors

It is essential to maintain the luster of your laminate flooring. Use a clean and moist mop or cloth to remove dust and other blemishes. The vacuum cleaner can be utilized to take out dirt from the corners. You can fasten pads made of synthetic fabric beneath the sofa, tables and other furniture or appliances to prevent them from scraping the floor. Otherwise, it does not call for strict maintenance procedures. There are lesser health risks because it does not accumulate substantial amount of dust and microorganisms.

In caring for your wood flooring, make sure to understand the warranty and directions which are provided when you purchase these materials. Refer any problems to your dealer and ask for post-installation advice. Refrain from mopping the floor up to two days after it has been installed. Avoid cleaning with wet rags since the water can trickle down under the base and damage the wood. Use the vacuum and damp mop but not acrylic chemicals or wax. Consult the manufacturer before applying any products that are meant to eliminate stains. It is advisable to use ordinary solutions such as mineral spirits for greasy substances and acetone for nail polish or cigarette burns.

You can place doormats right before the front entrance of your house to catch the small pebbles from your shoes and prevent scratches on the surface of the wood floor. Likewise, it is quite practical to make use of small trailers when moving heavy appliances or furniture so the floor will not get scratched. Be careful not to drop sharp objects and put protective coverings on the floor whenever you are doing any repairs or cleaning the ceiling fan. Laminate floors are almost like the genuine product. It appeals to most people and possesses a lot of adaptability.